Don’t Become a Slave to Peoples Opinions About You!

by Stephane Lacroix on April 11, 2016

So you want to embark on a personal development journey or maybe you already have started your journey already. You know what you want in your life and this is the first step. However, on your journey to success, you’ll encounter some opinions along the way and you need to be ready to deal with […]


How to Attract What You Want By Knowing What You Want

by Stephane Lacroix on April 9, 2016

What do you want in your life and in your business? Some people think they know what they want but they really have no idea. They are aimlessly drifting toward nothingness.

They are at the mercy of circumstance!

The truth is that if you don’t know what you want, you just won’t get it. You need to be very specific about what you want in your life. You don’t want to be to generic of vague about your goals and ambitions either. If you want to be rich for example; there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that.


How to Set People Up For Long Term Success

by Stephane Lacroix on April 4, 2016

In this day an age, we tend to expect things to be done for us. Especially with the never ending technology that we have at our finger tips, we sometimes expect everything to be ready to enjoy when we want it.

In the case of success however, it’s not as simple as pressing a button. There are no easy button when it comes to your long term success.


Don’t Look For Excuses, Find a Way Out of No Way…PERIOD!

by Stephane Lacroix on April 1, 2016

It’s so easy to find excuses when you’re actually looking for them. I’m very honest about this because I’ve been a master at finding excuses for a very long time until I met one of my mentors Desmond Soon who inspired me to always find a way out of no way! But from time to time I find myself going back to my old ways of not only finding excuses but justifying them.


It’s Never Too Late to Create Success In Your Life

by Stephane Lacroix on March 26, 2016

It’s never too late to create success in your life. I’ve come to realize that people seam to have somewhat of a block in their minds when it comes to realizing their dreams.

This video explains how we sometimes use time as a road block in reaching our long term goals and ambitions.

Time never stops and as long as you are alive, you should always be moving toward your passion in life.


Don’t Let Death Steal Your Potential To Realize Your Dream And Leave a Legacy

by Stephane Lacroix on March 25, 2016

Don’t leave this world with your dreams unrealized, don’t die with your full potential untapped! This video is so important because life is so short.

People tend to take life for granted and assume that they have all the time in the world to take action towards accomplishing and realizing their dreams.


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